Autospeedwatch Camera Trial

Wiltshire Council (WC) together with Great Somerford (incorporating Startley) Parish Council and the Startley Community Speed Watch team have installed an Auto Speedwatch Camera in the Startley 30mph zone to trial its effectiveness.
The camera photographs and records ALL speeding vehicles in a northbound direction. The Community Speedwatch Team reports the registration number, type and colour of those vehicles to the WC and the Police.
A warning sign is installed at the Seagry end of the village on the 30mph sign and the camera is mounted on the same pole as the vehicular activated speed indicator sign, so the motorist has two reminders as to the correct speed limit.
The camera, in effect, replaces the long-suffering volunteers trying to persuade speeding motorists to respect the speed limit and it works dawn till dusk, not 30 minutes per day. Offenders will receive a warning letter from the Police. If a third letter has to be sent to an offender, he or she will be targeted by the Police, either by a Police Speed Gun operator or a personal Police visit.
The current percentage of motorists seriously exceeding the speed limit in Startley is as much as 75% and that is a conservative estimate.
The villagers of Startley deserve a break from this very dangerous practice and ask that all vehicle drivers obey the speed limit.
Readers of this article are asked to spread the word among friends and neighbours please.

Mel Hourigan

Councillor of Great Somerford (incorporating) Startley and Community Speedwatch co-ordinator.

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