Environment and Sustainability

Welcome to our new Environment and Sustainability page. There’s not a lot on it yet but we have included a number of links to local and national organisations involved with environment and sustainability issues.

Carbon Footprint Calculators




Wiltshire Council Rubbish and Recycling

Recycle Now

Reducing Food waste

Love Food – Hate Waste

Organisations promoting wildlife-friendly habitats

Meadows and Verges

Plantlife – guides, webinars and information on a huge range of subjects including enhancing verges, the no-mow may campaign and suggestions for back-garden wildflower planting


Hedgelink – Hedgerows

Countryside hedgerows: protection and management


Freshwater Habitats Trust – Pond Advice


The Tree Council

Woodland Trust

Dry stone walls

Dry Stone Walls are a great feature of the landscape and of historic and wildlife importance.

Dry Stone Walls and Wildlife

Farm Wildlife – Dry Stone Walls

Species-specific advice

Toads & FrogsFroglife
BirdsThe RSPB Wildlife Charity
HedgehogsThe British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Barn OwlsThe Barn Owl Trust
BatsThe Bat Conservation Trust

Wildlife Trust links

How to Help Wildlife at Home

The Wildlife Trusts

Wildlife Gardening