Free Gardens

All information on this page is provided by the Trustees of the Free Gardens Charity and is not endorsed by the Parish Council

The Great Somerford Free Gardens were established in 1809 by Steven Demainbray and have a long and fascinating history.

The Parish Councillors of Great Somerford are Trustees of the Free Gardens charity (203850) which is run independently and separately from the Parish Council.

If you would like an allotment, please contact:

  • Dave Butcher, Plot Allocation & Site Management (01249 720204)
  • Janice Botterill, Tenancy Agreements & Administration (01249 721609)

Once you have visited the Free Gardens site and been offered a plot we will send you several documents to read, sign and return to the Trustees. These documents are listed below for information purposes only:

A Code of Conduct for the Free Gardens was also adopted by the Trustees in July 2021.

Please contact the Trustees listed above or Stephen Mansfield, Chair of the Trustees if you have any questions.

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