Council Members

Due to the resignation of a Councillor there is a vacancy on the Parish Council (See Notice of Vacancy and Request for an Election ).

10 registered electors need to sign the Request for Election form to request an election be held. Otherwise the Parish Council can co-opt to fill the vacancy.
The request made by ten registered electors MUST be received by the Returning Officer by the 10 February shown on the relevant Notice of Vacancy. This date is not flexible.
A blank copy of the form can be found behind the counter in Fourways Stores.

Stephen Mansfield (chairman)
Meriel Griffiths (vice-chairman)
Janice Botterrill
David Butcher
Mark Hammond
Andrew Lennox
Helen Lennox
Ian Vout
Theresa Chapman (parish clerk)

Members’ Contact Details and Areas of Responsibility
Members Register of Interests

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