Governance & Accounting Returns 2021-22

Under the new audit framework smaller authorities, including parish councils, with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000 are exempt from routine external audit. In place of routine audit, these smaller authorities are subject to the new transparency requirements laid out in the Transparency Code. This will enable local electors and council tax payers to continue to be able to access relevant information about the authorities’ accounts and governance.

In 2021/22 Great Somerford Parish Council was not able to certify itself as exempt from external audit by PKF Littlejohn because both its income and expenditure were above the £25,000 threshold due to CIL receipts and expenditure on new playground equipment.  It hereby publishes its Annual Governance and Accountability Returns, together with the other documents required under the Transparency Code.  Persons wishing to inspect the actual  books and records during the 30 day period set aside from 13 June 2022 need to make an appointment with the Chairman whose contact details can be found on the Council Members page.

Governance and Financial Returns 2021-22

1. Certificate for the display of public rights
2. AGAR Section 1 Annual Governance Statement
3. AGAR Section 2 Accounting Statements
4. Annual Internal Audit report
5. Bank reconciliation
6. Explanation of Variances
7. Expenditure over £100
8. Fixed Asset schedule
9. CIL Report

Archived information from previous years can be found on the Finance Archive page.

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